LightSpeedEdu is committed to leading in the creation and deployment of innovative eLearning solutions that positively impact businesses and organizations. Since 1994, we have understood that learning tools can do more than help keep everyday business running smoothly – they can be the competitive differentiators for success.

Our diverse team of industry veterans have the expertise to transform learning into a vibrant, interactive, high-velocity experience that is cost-effective and impactful.

The world is changing and how we learn is impacted by technology, generational differences and speed of information. LightSpeedEdu is committed to be at the forefront of learning with relevant educational offerings, enhanced methodology and effective results-oriented tools. We are dedicated to the highest standards of quality for our courses and delivery methods.

Plus, at LightSpeedEdu, we are making our world better for everyone. As a certified minority- and woman-owned business, we believe in engaging all parts of our community to make a better world. We know talent and innovation are enhanced through education, and we seek to make learning easily available to all to improve their skills, creativity and performance.

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Collaborative Partners

Access Communications

Access Communications works with companies to market their products and services through online and offline media. We provide clients with a wide range of marketing communications services, including content creation, websites, graphic design, social media, search engine marketing, email marketing and mobile. Mindful of your bottom line, we subscribe to the maxim: “It’s not creative unless it sells.”


Here’s what you can expect from us: customized content, design and technology solutions; faithful execution of contract agreements; clear answers to your questions; and the benefit of the latest industry thinking.

Jantris Marketing

Jantris Marketing is a full-service marketing advisory firm, operating as an extension of your marketing staff. They are known for delivering effective strategies that help our clients stay ahead of the competition and position themselves as market leaders. Through their tapestry of marketing services and unsurpassed customer service your company will be marketed with creativity, originality, professionalism and outstanding marketing insight.

RCI Telecom

Also known as People with Solutions, is a company that provides worldwide technological solutions to the ever changing demands of business today. Their primary focus is to help people communicate better, be more productive, save money and be Sarbanes-Oxley compliant. People with Solutions has a patented technology, Telebroadcasting™, that brings broadcast quality picture and full-duplex sound to each and every user experience. Unlike other systems that lose their quality as you add users, the People with Solutions system sustains the same picture and sound quality. So whether you are in a point-to-point meeting or in a six-way multipoint meeting, the People with Solutions’ system still delivers great picture and sound quality.


RCI also provide consulting services. RCI Consulting provides advisory services in such areas as: Business Plan Development, Marketing and Sales Representation, Loan Packaging, Public and Government Relations, Management Assistance, Certifications, Training and MBE Diversity Consulting.


Sovee™ is a premier provider of cloud-based video transcoding, hosting and distribution solutions. Sovee™ supports businesses around the globe by providing dynamic translation of videos, websites, documents and live chat in 50+ languages. Sovee™ helps companies break down the barriers to global communication, by providing a unique pairing of video distribution and translation solutions that empower businesses to communicate anywhere, at anytime, on any device.

Strategic Enterprise Technology, Inc.

Strategic Enterprise Technology, Inc. (SET) is a Management and Technology Consulting firm focused on helping businesses and organizations achieve breakthrough Business Performance and effective Business Process Management. SET specializes in methodology-based business solutions aimed at achieving business performance improvement for both private and public sector clients.