Creating, developing and leading effective organizations becomes more challenging each day due to the rapid change in the environment, influences of technology and the growing fast-paced competitive marketplace. LightSpeedEdu is designed to help our clients keep pace with the challenges facing them in a unique, cost-effective, proven approach.

  • We recognize each organization is unique with distinctive needs and challenges. Therefore, we do not offer a cookie-cutter approach. We craft a practical program that equips your team to lead, manage and excel in meeting your overall business goals and objectives. Our proprietary process exists to provide teams with enhanced performance and results.
  • We start by talking to the stakeholders in the process. We understand that any organization has a diversity of talents, backgrounds and functions. Our aim is to involve each constituent group to ensure the final result is an integrated plan that enlists all the right resources to teach, learn, coach and achieve desired results.
  • We work with clients to discover the areas of shortfall and how improved knowledge can improve productivity, communication and execution.
  • We deliver proven eLearning and communication tools that instruct, inspire and move people to action – inside and outside the organization. We utilize our team of experienced educators, media experts and technology specialists to produce dynamic messaging solutions that encourage and inspire.
  • We provide a variety of delivery methods and tools including virtual classroom experiences, independent learning, on-line discussion groups and more.