LightSpeedEdu has a proven track record of improving an organization’s leadership skills and overall effectiveness through the utilization of our eLearning tools and media communications.

Our delivery methods include:

  • eLearning: interactive video courses/tutorials
  • Webinars (downloaded, streaming or hosted)
  • Interactive multimedia
  • Written materials
  • Blended learning modules

Areas of concentration:

  • Effective Leadership
    • Leadership capability training needs assessment
    • Essential leadership skills: team leadership & business management
    • Creative problem-solving techniques to improve decision-making
    • Collaborative leadership skills
  • Position competency skills development
    • Supplier Diversity & Economic Inclusion
    • Unconscious Bias Sensitivity training
  • Exceptional instructional design for increased learner engagement
  • Making complex messaging simple and easy to understand for various audiences
  • Engaging visuals that capture and hold the learners attention
  • A learning organization focused on designing for the learner experience on many different platforms, channels and environments, as well as designing to meet specific teaching goals or learning objectives.

Our skill set includes:

  • Experienced programmers, eLearning developers, technology specialists and media designers
  • Understanding and utilization of blended delivery methods including instructor led as well as online and interactive solutions.
  • Background, education and experience in cognitive learning styles, their impact on learning and the need to created blended solutions relative to the diversity reflected in all learners.
  • Design and development skills based upon Bloom’s principles of learning – knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis and synthesis. Or, more directly identified as the “tell me, show me, let me, test me” methodology.


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