LightSpeedEdu is dedicated to being a leading influencer in the development and utilization of eLearning and expressive media communications to help clients effectively deliver their message internally and externally. What sets us apart is our drive to continually study, improve and innovate.

  • LightSpeedEdu Knowledge Center provides over 12,000 online video tutorials covering subjects like leadership essentials, supplier diversity, computer skills, health and safety, human resource compliance, banking/finance, unconscious bias and more.
  • LightSpeedEdu utilizes a scientific philosophy based upon Consultative Leadership. There are three core leadership skills needed to lead in today’s environment:
    • Facilitation
    • Coaching
    • Consulting
  • LightSpeedEdu solutions supplement and enhance existing business skills. Our solutions are woven into the fabric of the organization because we engage stakeholders in the development and delivery of the overall solutions.
  • We utilize the proven ADDIE eLearing development model (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation).
  • We have done it. We are experienced in designing and delivering the types of solutions that elevate an organization and its leaders. Our past performance produces desired training and operational results.
  • LightSpeedEdu’s multi-media experience delivers crisp, targeted and interactive messages to the right audience – locally, regionally or globally.

LightSpeedEdu is the right partner for your organization to move your team forward.